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Our Mission

At any given time, there are an estimated 100,000 dogs without homes in the UK.


Left to fend for themselves on the streets, dogs are often abandoned by the people they depend on to care for them.  On average 21 dogs are euthanised in shelters across the UK every day. 

We want this to change. 

Support Us

We want to make a difference to as many lives as we can through our work.


You can help us in our mission to provide more care to those less dogs in the UK and get more dogs off the streets, either into shelters or new homes. By buying one of our products, you are making a difference to real lives.  

We can make a difference.

Doin' Good






We invest 5% of our annual profits to charities in the UK, to better the lives of less fortunate dogs.  

We donate our time to promoting the good work animal charities do in the UK both online and offline. 

We our committed to educating the public on the latest changes and regulations in animal welfare.

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