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Our Story

We recognised the need for an inclusive canine clothing brand.


A brand that created dog accessories and clothing for all types of dogs, of all sizes, of all personalities. Not just the small and cute ones.


Too often we'd see clothing only available in sizes x-small and small. There just wasn't the variety available for all types of dogs.  The accessories and clothing that were available online for medium to large dogs were also often novelty.  Which if you follow us on Instagram you'll know we are against.


Our dogs are our best friends, we wouldn't subject our human best friends to wearing pink tu-tus or bumble bee outfits so why do we subject our dog best friends?  We knew the market needed to change and we wanted to be that change. 


In 2018 Mad Dog was born.

We embrace individual identity through our street style collections. Inspired by the latest urban trends, we source the freshest styles and prints directly from the UK. 
Inclusive, not exclusive; our products are for dogs of all sizes and all breeds. Made from flexible and sustainable materials each and every product has been designed for maximum comfort. 
We eat, sleep and breath all things fashion and won't stop until we've made Mad Dog an internationally recognisable brand. 


We are Mad Dog and we do things our way. 

Our Values



Our products are designed using the latest in modern fashion.


Our products are designed using stretchy fabrics for comfort.


Our products are designed to be affordable for everyone.

Our Base

We are British and proper proud of it.

Famous for it's urban streets and street art, Liverpool is the birthplace of Mad Dog. 

Our base is where each and every one of our products are handmade by some proper sweet people who make sure our products are the mutts nutts. 

5% of every product sale goes straight to helping more Mad Dogs live healthier and happier lives.


So what you waiting for? 

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