Safety Guide

Always Supervise

Whilst wearing a Ban' or Tee' your Mad Dog should always be supervised and you should continue to monitor throughout the period of them wearing one of our products.


Your Mad Dog should not be left unattended wearing a product, to avoid any potential injury. Your Mad Dog should not wear our products for extended periods of time, unless necessary.  


Monitor Behaviour

Whilst wearing a Ban' or Tee' if your Mad Dog changes in termperment and seems to become axious or stressed, you should remove the product slowly.


To avoid feelings of anxiety, you should allow your Mad Dog to smell, touch and hold the product before wearing it.


Whilst putting the product on, you should be aware of the natural movements of a dogs anatomy to avoid any unecessary injury. 


Notice Changes

Your Mad Dog should not wear a Ban' or Tee' or any Mad Dog products that are material based if they have either a skin condition for example dry, flakey skin.


Although all of our products are made out of breathable cotton, which will allow your Mad Dog to remain comfortable, it could still an irritation.


If you do notice a change in your Mad Dog, then remove the product and avoid use. 

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